The question of whether Rolex is worth buying has been around for years. And, like the watch itself, the answer is evolving. In the past, when you could still walk into an authorized retailer and pull out any model you wanted at a good price, there was really no reason not to buy a brand new Rolex. Those times, however, are long gone.
Replica Rolex’s transformation from simply the maker of fine replica watches into the ultimate luxury lifestyle brand has been the cause of both large increases in price and a strictly limited supply of its most popular pieces. Anyone who wants to buy one of these steel sports watches in a retail store these days knows that it’s nearly impossible, and some people can’t even get their name on a waiting list for years.
It is this kind of situation that has caused the increased demand for used Rolex watches, and the reason behind why the pre-owned market has experienced such a surge in popularity, as it is a place where you can still find pretty much any watch you have your heart set on, and often for considerably less money. So the question is, is it worth buying a brand new Rolex?
The financial aspect of obtaining a used Rolex versus buying a brand-new one isn’t as simple as you would think. For the most part, you can save a significant amount by being a watch’s second or third owner. Like anything else, when you first leave the store with it, there’s a certain amount of depreciation. When the replica watch is later sold, the savings for the next person in line can be as much as 20% compared to retail. That opens up a rather wider range of models to choose from, including some that may have been above budget as a brand new purchase.
What’s more, your pre-owned watch, while it may still keep losing a little in value, will do so far less and far slower than a new one. Actually, based on many factors, such as rarity or the overall desirability of the individual piece, you could find that it even becomes worth more than what you paid for it in the first place. Some vintage examples have soared in value in recent years.
However, that is not always the case, and it all depends completely on the watch itself. Those stainless steel fake Rolex models from the brand’s Professional Collection, such as the newest iterations of the GMT-Master II, Daytona, or Submariner, are about as common as hen’s teeth at Rolex retailers. Those that do go on sale are often snapped up so quickly and in such high demand that when they enter the secondary market, retail prices raised a lot sharply. However, a used Rolex is generally cheaper than a new one.

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